What is Raw Chocolate?

24th May 2018by hannah

What the heck is raw chocolate? Is chocolate really that healthy? Raw Chocolate is creating a storm across the UK and is a chocolate lovers dream when looking for an alternative to commercially produced chocolate. Here are some common FAQ’s.

What do you mean by ‘raw’? The word ‘raw’ within health food has evolved and means different things to different people. Make It Healthy’s definition of raw are foods which ingredients are;

  • whole, natural and plant based
  • kept away from high temperatures (above 45 degrees C)
  • kept away from chemicals
  • handled with care and processed/blended minimally

How can chocolate be healthy? In 2012, chocolate officially got a healthy stamp from scientists. This is because cocoa is rich in flavanols which helps keep the heart healthy. But not all chocolate is created equally. Dark and minimally processed is best. Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate is both of these things.

What is ‘raw chocolate’? Raw chocolate is made from unroasted cocoa beans and usually sweetened with coconut sugar (the crystallised sap from coconut flowers found on coconut trees). This is different to most commercial dark chocolate whereby the cocoa beans are roasted at high temperatures and sometimes chemically treated, which can significantly decrease the flavanol content.

What is Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate? Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate is made from organic unroasted cocoa powder, cocoa butter and coconut sugar. Cacao nibs, natural flavours, nuts and seeds are added to give each bar its definitive taste. Commercial chocolate can contain vegetable fat, refined sugars, sweeteners and artificial flavourings and preservatives. As a nutritionist, I only make products that offer maximum nutritional benefits.

What is the difference between the words cocoa and cacao? Cocoa is an anglicised word for cacao, so technically they are the same thing.

What about the fat content of chocolate? Much of chocolates smoothness comes from cocoa butter which consists of 3 types of fat; palmitic, stearic and oleic acid. There is little evidence that cocoa butter increases the risk of heart disease. However, fat is caloric which means that chocolate should definitely be eaten in moderation. Around 10g (of flavanol rich chocolate) per day is recommended for heart health.

What about the sugar content? Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate is sweetened with coconut sugar. Coconut sugar contains a fibre called inulin which gives a slow release of energy and helps maintain healthy digestion. It has a rich, caramel flavour and is a perfect, lower GI addition to the Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate recipe.

Is Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate organic and Fairtrade? Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate ingredients are certified organic by The Organic Food Federation. The cacao is from a Fairtrade supplier in Peru.

What about intolerances, allergens and animal products? Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate is vegan, free from dairy, soya, gluten. Our bars are nut free but handled in a kitchen where nut based products are sometimes made. Seeds and cacao nibs are used to create a crunchy texture in some of the bars.

Can I make my own chocolate? Absolutely! The Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate Kit contains all the ingredients you need to make your own raw chocolate and a recipe sheet. You make it in the box too!

Try our delicious raw chocolate for yourself. Order online or come to our stall at Rode Hall Farmers Market on the first Saturday of the month!

Our dreamy raw chocolate (71% cocoa solids) is available in 4 different flavours, Divine Dark & Pink Salt, Marvellous Mint & Cacao Nibs, Sweet Sultana & Seed, Gorgeous Goji & Orange. Made using raw cacao powder from unroasted cacao beans which are naturally high in iron and rich in flavanols for a healthy heart. Sweetened with coconut sugar – extracted from the flower sap of coconut trees. Coconut sugar tastes delicious and has a low GI compared to white, refined sugar. Our bars are packaged in biodegradable wrappers.