Marvellous Mint & Cacao Nib Raw Chocolate Bar (50g)


Dark, smooth raw chocolate intensified with soothing peppermint and crunchy raw cacao nibs. Mellow and moreish. Cocoa solids 71%

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Product Description

Our dreamy raw chocolate is made using raw cacao powder from unroasted cacao beans which are naturally high in iron and rich in flavanols for a healthy heart. Sweetened with coconut sugar – extracted from the flower sap of coconut trees. Coconut sugar tastes delicious and has a low GI compared to white, refined sugar.

Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Raw Cacao Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, Raw Cacao Nibs*, Cold Pressed Peppermint Oil. 

* Organic

Our bars are packaged in biodegradable, food safe wrappers.

Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate is vegan, free from dairy, soya and gluten. Our bars are nut free but handled in a kitchen where nut based products are sometimes made.