Make It Healthy With Hannah is a British artisan healthy food company that makes delicious, natural raw chocolate bars and other healthy treats. (Most of the time. Sometimes they just drink chai and play guitars).

It was founded by British nutritionist and presenter Hannah Patterson (there she is, clearly thrilled to get her mug on the site). Hannah has been doing ‘healthy’ her entire life. Make It Healthy With Hannah is the result of years spent reviewing and using every kind of cacao product available, from health food shop to the jungle, and receiving invaluable feedback from fellow health food lovers on what they like, what they don’t like and what really makes them feel good.

Hannah sources ingredients which are pure but powerful; harnessing the benefits of nature to genuinely satisfy, nourish and energise the body, ensuring it is healthy, happy and glowing.

Make It Healthy Raw Chocolate and Energy Truffles are truly divine and made from the highest grade ingredients. There are no preservatives or nasties – just excellent raw chocolate that you will enjoy eating and buying as gifts for others (unless you decide to keep it for yourself!).