5 things to do on New Years Day

1st January 2018by hannah

New Year. A fresh start, a blank canvas and a time to get going! Here are 5 top things to do today (or this week if you have time);

1. Give your kitchen a good clean and make it sparkle. Wipe down the sides, disinfect the fridge and take a look at what’s in your cupboards. Throw away any (seriously) out of date food and bring the healthy ingredients to the front of cupboards. What about unopened packets, tins and cartons that you’ll definitely never use? And boxes of chocs and biscuits that you will only eat because they are there? Donate them to the food bank at your local supermarket. Most of us want to start the new year with better eating habits. Give your kitchen some TLC and see the difference it makes to your motivation.

2. Write down your health and fitness goals for the next few months. Remember, small and realistic goals are more likely to be achieved. My list includes drinking more water and doing the Parkrun at least once in January. These are really simple but will benefit my health and that’s all I’m after. Think of things you want ‘more of’ instead of ‘less of’. That way you’re less likely to feel deprived which can be really demotivating.

3. Family time. Whether you have a big family gathering planned or you’re spending it quietly on your own, connect with those that you love with a hug or a conversation – face to face, on the phone, by FaceTime, by writing a letter etc. Make the first move and start the New Year with love. Oh, and be willing to receive it to!

4. Get some fresh air. Come rain or shine, get yourself outside. Even for five minutes! Breathe in the New Year fresh air and get your circulation going. Check out the supermoon on 2nd January. It’ll blow your mind.

5. Keep checking in with yourself. There really is something special about the first few days of the New Year. It feels clean and positive for me. If you have specific resolutions, or an affirmation that resonates with you write it/them somewhere you can see them. It may be one or a collection of words that come to mind. Again, write them down and use them as a point of reference over the next 12 months. Use colour and pictures if you desire.

Happy New Year. May 2018 be the best year yet. We will be back at Rode Hall Farmers Market on Saturday 3rd February with Raw Chocolate goodies and other healthy, raw treats. We have perfect gift ideas for Valentines Day too!