Raw Chocolate Making Kit


A delightful and handy way to make your very own raw chocolate slab (210g).  It contains everything you need to make your own delicious raw chocolate!



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Product Description


This Raw Chocolate Making Kit contains;

  • 90g cacao butter*
  • 60g raw (unroasted) Peruvian Criollo cacao powder*
  • 60g coconut sugar*
  • Baking paper & box (for setting)
  • Recipe sheet


This kit is a best seller on the Make It Healthy With Hannah stall and online. It is the perfect gift idea for a foodie / health nut / vegan or someone who likes getting creative in the kitchen. Treat yourself or someone special to this raw chocolate making kit. Full, step by step instructions are included. Set the chocolate in the box provided or in silicone chocolate moulds. Leave it perfectly plain or sprinkle on your favourite toppings – cacao nibs, seeds, nuts, sultanas and other dried fruit etc. Stir in a couple of drops essential peppermint or orange oil if you want to try different flavours. With this kit, the World is your oyster!




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